Aysha Plantations spread across a sprawling area of more than 800 acres is Team Thai independent multi-crop cultivation land in the high ranges of Wayanad. Tea, Coffee, Cardamom, Pepper and Ginger are the main varieties cultivated here. Tea, Coffee and other spices are commercially cultivated here for the domestic use as well as export purpose. The unusual geographical structure and climatic peculiarity makes this place appropriate for cultivation. The plantation and the connected processing of the produce provide huge employment opportunity to many people of the area. The upkeep of the plantation in a well-organized manner improves the ecological aspects of the land and contributes positively to the socio-economic growth of the locality. Plantation Management

Climate Care
The high range is a suitable area for plantation of tea, coffee or spices and as it has a peculiar climate condition. Anyhow proper shade regulation must be maintained on acute climate swings.
Soil / Ground Preparation
Before planting the young sapling, the soil has to be made ready preparing the pits. Old plants must be removed and an improved soil quality must be maintained.
Plant Protection
In order to ensure a healthy cultivation right protective measures are a necessary at right times. Timely Weed Control, plant-specific environment-friendly fertilizing, pest & disease control management etc are to be employed.
Quality of Produce
Every job at the plantation is completed giving utmost care. All processes are performed under complete clean and hygienic working environment. Stringent quality testing procedures ensure high quality of the products. Genuine practices make sure that all the products carry the freshness and naturalness.
Harvesting: is done at right time in order to keep the quality of the produce intact. Subsequently washing, pre-treatment, cleaning, grading and packing processes are performed.
Nursery Care
In order have very healthy growing plants seeds are prepared in a careful manner. Seeds / saplings are collected only from mature and high yielding cultivar. This will ensure a healthy vegetative growth in the plants.