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Our Products

11 - Dr. Wash Handwash.png

Dr. Wash Hand-wash

16 - Dr. Care toilet cleaner.png

Dr. Care Toilet Cleaner

21 - SunPlus Liquid Detergent.png

SunPlus Liquid Detergent

12 - Dr. Wash Dishwash Liquid.png

Dr. Wash Dish-Wash Liquid

17 - Dr. Wash round cake.png

Dr. Wash Dish-Wash Round Cake

13 - Iva Dishwash Liquid.png

Iva Dish-Wash Gel

18 - IVA dishwash cake.png

Iva Dish-Wash Cake

14 - Dr Wash Handsanitizer.png

Dr. Wash Hand Sanitizer

19 - Easy wash dishwash cake.png

Easy wash Dish-Wash Cake

15 - Dr. Care floor cleaner.png

Dr. Care Floor Cleaner

20 - Mr. Clean Dishwash Cake.png

Mr. Clean Dish-Wash Cake

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