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Established in 1984, Team Thai is a multifarious business entity based in Kerala, engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of FMCG, food products, building materials and successfully operating other ventures like mining & processing, logistics, and plantation. At Team Thai, we aim at innovating and launching brands that meet multiple consumer needs. We are passionate about creating affordable and high-quality products for the consumers in the personal care market.

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“If every member grows
along with the organization,
that growth will be
outward and unlimited.”


A Mother’s guidance and lessons towards the values, humanity, commitment, honesty, caring for the needy, kindness, and purity of wealth made a boy into an entrepreneur. Yes, today who I am is because of my beloved Mother and the blessings from ‘Almighty’. After my graduation when I wanted to start my own business, the lessons that she taught me through her life gave me strength to fight against all the tough situations throughout my journey. Unfortunately, she couldn’t see my growth period but her blessings paved my way. I believe ‘life to paradise‘ can be achieved through business as well.

This might sound strange but it is possible. If we stick to the values as key points, any organisation can make it happen. If we derive strength from our team and work together like the five fingers of a hand, there will be unity, power and support that’s going to be a strong foundation for our growth. The purity of wealth or the money which we earn and spend matters a lot. The prayers from all the members and their families make a sound roof for an organization. Always compete yourself with the dedication to achieve your goals in a respectful manner and goodwill. The results will start following you. What we deliver through our business should meet credibility, trust, and high standards of quality and excellence. If every member grows along with the organization, that growth will be outward and unlimited.


Our Vision and Mission statements are more than just words; they are the guiding principles that inform our business decisions and shape our corporate culture. They encapsulate our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and social responsibility.

Our Vision

Our vision is to ascend as a global leader across diversified business sectors. We strive to set industry benchmarks in quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Our ultimate aim is to create enduring value for our stakeholders while making a positive impact on the communities we serve.

Our Mission

Our mission is to uphold a standard of excellence in every product and service we offer, always meeting or exceeding both industry standards and customer expectations. We are committed to continuous innovation, investing in research and development to stay ahead of industry trends and customer needs. At the core of our business is a customer-centric approach, focused on building long-lasting relationships by understanding and exceeding customer expectations. We are dedicated to responsible and sustainable growth, ensuring the well-being of our employees, the environment, and the communities we impact. As we grow, we aim to expand our market presence both domestically and internationally, leveraging our diversified portfolio to venture into new markets and sectors.


Give your career,
the growth it

Join a team that respects your individuality, applauds your talents, recognizes your efforts, and attends to your grievances.
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