you can trust
in your home!

Dr. Wash

Elevate your laundry routine with Dr. WASH where innovation meets gentle hygiene, ensuring a brilliant clean for every thread.

Vi Wash

Redefine cleanliness with our expertly crafted laundry products, elevating fabrics to new levels of freshness for a revitalizing wash.


Transform your surroundings with our innovative washing and cleaning solutions, ensuring a pristine touch that redefines freshness.

Sun Plus

Feel the radiance with SUNPLUS—crafted to bring a burst of sunshine to your clothes, making every wash a delight

Dr. Care

Where care meets excellence. Redefine your routine with meticulously crafted products, ensuring a touch of wellness in every use.

Dr. White

Illuminate your wardrobe with our advanced Dr. White washing solutions, for brighter, whiter clothes that radiate freshness


Experience Sparkle’s commitment to transform your spaces and personal care with superior cleaning solutions, creating a sparkling lifestyle.

Victor Malabar

Savor the essence of Victor Malabar—where culinary mastery meets gourmet perfection, elevating your dining with exquisite flavors.

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